Quem somos

31 de jan de 2012

And this I believe:
That the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.
And this I would fight for:
The freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected.
And this I must fight against:
Any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual.

This is what I am and what I am about.

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

And I miss you...
like the desert miss the rain!!

26 de jan de 2012

Isso explica muita coisa

Talvez apenas eu entenda a razão desse texto... Talvez ele caia perfeitamente bem para outras pessoas que se interessarem por ele.
Não importa, fez o papel de um breguíssimo livro de auto-ajuda nesse momento, me ajudou a relaxar e esperar o tempo passar.

This morning at 7am, like every morning at 7am for the past thirty years, I rolled out my yoga mat in preparation for doing the first series. Typically 20 - 25 people show up to do it with me - today there were 8.
"What's going on?" I wondered out loud.
"Where is everyone? This is really bad for mu self-esteem - normally I have a 10 person minimum," I joked.
Then I remembered that Mars turned retrograde yesterday evening, so I could blame the energy of sinister planets rather than thinking that I'm losing my appeal in my old age. Mars is an energy planet, a motivating force that impels us to take action, to assert ourselves in a dynamic fashion. It turns retrograde less often than the other planets, about every two years and two months.
The glyph for Mars is identical to the symbol for the male of the species - a circle with an arrow attached, pointed outward, representing the primal male urge to penetrate something or someone. When a planet turns retrograde its influence becomes more internal and introspective. For the next 80 days, until april 13th when Mars goes direct again, that Martian urge to penetrate can most constructively be used to penetrate our own body and mind.

Mars is currently in the sign of virgo, which is the sign related to our physical health.
When a planet is retrograde it becomes weaker in terns of its potential to provide us with physical vitality.This is a time when we need to be particularly attentive to our physical health. Mars is associated with the Manipura Chakra, the fire center in the etheric body located in the area around navel. The Manipura Chakra is associated with Agni, the digestive fire. There are several different types of agni that helps us digest food, prana, sensory impressions, and mental and emotional experience. When Mars is retrograde, we may find that the inner fire is not burning quite as strongly as usual and we could suffer from digestive problems of different kinds.
We may feel as if we need to have a fire lit underneath us to motivate us. Perhaps the best way to keep the fire within burning brightly is to stoke it with Tapas. tapas is any kind of self disciplined activity that goes against the grain of our tendency towards Tamas (inertia), creating friction and heat to facilitate penetration and purification of the mind and body. Patanjali says: II.43 Kaya indriya siddhi asuddhi ksayat tapasah The fire of self-discipline removes impurities and brings mastery to the body and the sense organs.
Tapas is one of the most important aspects of yoga practice and is particularly indicated at this tome when the fiery, penetrating nature of Mars is turned inward.
Through tapas we can begin to cultivate Tejas, one of the three "vital essences" of Ayurveda.
Tejas is that purified fire element that provides us with radience, strength, courage, and penetrating insight. Another of the by-products os tapas is Saucha, or internal cleanliness. Patanjali list the benefits of Saucha: II. 41 Sattva suddhi saumanasya ekagrya indriya jaya atma darsana yogyatvani ca Then clarity, purity, well being, focused attention, mastery of the sense organs and perception of the soul are realized.

From Tim Miller's Blog

21 de jan de 2012

Namorado, volta logo!!

Seja eu!
Deixa que eu seja eu
E aceita
O que seja sei
Então deita e aceita eu...

Molha eu!
Seca Eu!
Deixa que eu seja o céu
E receba
o que seja seu
Anoiteça e amanheça eu...

O que seja ser...

Então beba e receba
Meu corpo no seu
Corpo eu, no meu corpo

Eu me deixo
Anoiteça e amanheça eu...
Seja eu!
Deixa que eu seja eu
E aceita
O que seja seu
Então deita e aceita eu...
Molha eu!
Seca eu!
Deixa que eu seja o céu
E receba
O que seja seu
Amanheça e anoiteça eu...

O que seja ser...

Marisa Monte

8 de jan de 2012

little crazy, little weird, true love!

"We're all a little weird.
And life is weird.
And when we find someone
whose weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall into
mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love-true love."

Robert Fulghum

7 de jan de 2012

A Tired Manifesto

I'd like to have time to kneel and smell the flowers, get pollen over my face and have bees chase me around for being nosy.
I'd like to remenber the smell of an early morning; get up with the sun and be the first Eve who ever walked on earth, naked. Does anybody know what dew is?
I'd like to be a cat when I stretch, feel my cells multiply as I reach the other side of yawn; decaffeinate my heartbeats, green up my tea.
I'd like to reach a higher scale in my shower symphony, compose an opera piece and splash the bathroom walls with notes. Wash all my sins away with organic soap.
I'd like to sit still until all fear starves itself and silence is ok; breathe deeply in some universal chest like a healthy organ. And then be born and curious about the world again, pointing at things with chubby fingers, because they are so fresh and new, they haven't been named yet.
I'd like to answer all me phone calls and mean the how are you and not save my honesty until all the good byes have been sentenced over my phone wireless head.
I'd like to be a friend od insects and men. Not be afraid of mirrors. Not even scream at spiders.
I'd like to yogalize my poses, budhalize my prayers, jesusize my love and hindulize my smile.
I'd like to whisper to only a few people under a blanket instead of shouting at hundreds over the internet rooftops.
I'd like to love you out loud, not only in the dark, cave of my mind, with bats hanging out of my eyes, in the opposite direction.
I'd like to put a heart in every word if it ends up so beaten that I run out of all my seven lives before my grave is finished.
I'd like to speak in complete sentences, instead of SMSing E-people with LOL-lives always in !!!! demand for + Facebook # Likes. I'd like to kiss with my lips instead of XO with my keyboard.
I'd like to love my neighbor even when his f***ing TV drives me so f***ing crazy I could reach across the f***ing wall and pull out the morning show f**ks through the TV screen and get them another f***ing job that doesn't degrade humanity.
I'd like to be a 100% recyclable, untraceable, not remembered, only perceived, non violent, transparent, like water; donate all my organs, leave only footsteps on a beach, not carbon footprints on my future children's faces.

I’d like to take naps, lots of naps, preferably in a swing or by a fireplace, preferably in the sun, with a dog drooling over my feet; and never have to hear the sound of another alarm clock again.
I’d like to have some faith, just any faith that I can walk on water and not drown; and even if I didn’t have that faith, jump off the boat with no lifesaver, anyway; especially during Shark Week.

I’d like to write letters – at least once a month, with real ink on thick, recycled paper, and seal them with my ring on candle wax; send them away with a carrier pigeon and then wait patiently for the answer, looking down from a castle window. Not type up anxious atoms on a screen, click, double-click to open, close and open, close again, why-won’t-you-charge, brainless, annoying piece of s**t?

I’d like to finish all the books I start. Review the universal story through every pair of glasses. And after all is said and done, be even more certain that I know nothing yet.
I’d like to love and lose and love again, and lose and love and lose again, because what else is there to do.
I’d like to get up once a week with no other agenda than laziness in bed, just touching feet and feet, and eating breakfast for dinner, off a blanket. And stay alive like that in bed. 24 hours.
I’d like to sit with old people and understand why they’re not in a hurry, rest for a few minutes at the shade of their deep and heavy, bulldog wrinkles; and listen to the stories they tell from when the world didn’t use to end.
I’d like to flush my Blackberry down the toilet and make it seem like an accident.
I’d like to believe that we’re not just numbers plus minutes plus blood, but human issues glued together and dangerously alive; and like all great short stories, we sound familiar, but haven’t really happened any place or time before.
I’d like to have kids so they can remind me of all the things I used to know when I arrived into the world. And when my kids forget, I’d like grandchildren.

I’d like to hear some real birds chirp over my shoulder, not blue, dead birds tweet hashtags with my fingers.

I’d like to think with no thoughts that the heart is its own country, in which I am allowed without a passport, or any kind of name.

I’d like to be more than a word, a sentence or a paragraph. I’d like to be an entire chapter, or better yet, a novel. Be written in detail. Survive the darkness. Rephrase the light.

And write with no fingers on that flickering life that passes as we write, incessantly, about how life is passing through our fingers.I

O incerto é uma estrada reta

Dentro de cada um
tem mais mistérios do que pensa o outro
O certo é incerto, o incerto é uma estrada reta
De vez em quando acerto, depois tropeço no meio da linha

Marina Lima

5 de jan de 2012

Just as the sun cannot be seen in a densely clouded sky,
so one's own self cannot be seen in a mind-sky
which is darkened by a dense cloud of thoughts.

Ramana Maharshi

1 de jan de 2012

Achados e Perdidos

Nessa última semana fiz várias postagens a respeito da vida, dos sonhos e realizações, do que ser e como ser. Engraçado, nessa época do ano, inevitavelmente fazemos retrospectivas, nos avaliamos e finalmente, em algum momento do ano paramos para olhar para nós mesmos diretamente... pena que é por apenas uma semana e, que normalmente, o olhar interno se desfaz pela euforia da virada, férias e todo aquele agito básico de fim de ano.
Uma dessas postagens fala abertamente de viver aquilo que você quer ser, de seguir sem medo seus sonhos e seus desejos mais profundos... fiquei pensando... fácil para quem sabe o que quer, fácil para quem vive sem dúvidas, conectado consigo mesmo durante o ano todo, não só no momento final da retrospectiva. Fácil para aqueles que verdadeiramente conhecem seu Dharma, vivem e aceitam seu caminho com liberdade e gratidão.

E aqueles que passam o ano inteiro vivendo mais suas indecisões, medos e angústias que sua própria vida? Como ficam aquelas cheias de potencial e vigor que são desperdiçadas ao longo da jornada? Será que existe uma explicação coerente para essa desconexão?

Honestamente não sei... também, quem sou eu para saber... passei anos perdida, querendo tudo ao mesmo tempo, de qualquer jeito a qualquer custo, de um galho para outro fugindo da rotina, da responsabilidade, fugindo de mim mesma.
Quando, inconscientemente cansei, mergulhei na prática. A disciplina do yoga me levou a desafios muito maiores através do esporte, e por alguns anos tudo que verdadeiramente fiz, além de levar meu corpo a exaustão dos treinos e prática, foi aprender a dominar minha mente.
A repetição dos treinos fez com que eu compreendesse o padrão de me boicotar através das oscilações de pensamento.
Foram anos de triathlon, mais anos de prática de yoga que me mostraram o caminho, foi exatamente no momento que tomei as rédeas da minha vida, quando saí do plano mental, das minhas insanas e falsas ideias de libertação que minha vida passou a fazer sentido... e assim, a verdadeira jornada começou.

Continuo sem saber o segredo para se encontrar... apesar de fazer o que amo, ver minha vida fluindo naturalmente, sei que ainda estou no processo, que ainda tenho um imenso percurso pela frente... mas controlar a mente, alinhar pensamento, palavra e ação pode definitivamente ser o primeiro e mais importante passo nesta busca.
Honestamente desejo que em 2012 nossas mentes sejam mais claras, calmas e conectadas.